Welcome to Moorpark House

banner3Moorpark House is one of the grand and welcoming 4 star venues depicting warmth and salutation – since January 2009 –dedicated entirely to weddings. The owner of this luxurious villa himself is a master of ceremonies and his wife being the wedding coordinator and chief persona in meetings as well as greetings during the day. Since there is such a personal involvement it almost goes without saying that great pride is taken in ensuring that the most important day in a person’s life goes not only with smoothness but in a way where bride, groom and guests alike feel at ease and are able to enjoy their day.

We had my wedding at Moorpark House and we had the most special time. All our Family and friends loved the fact we have the whole place for ourselves to enjoy and relax in. Thank you so much for making our wedding so special!Mr & Mrs Aitken, Ayr, Scotland

Moorpark House is extremely dog friendly the owner and his wife having two black Labradors who are the most affable dogs imaginable and who, because they see so many people every week of their lives, are very laid back. Guests accordingly are warmly invited to bring their own dogs – the Labradors like nothing more than to play with other dogs – and for them to stay over subject to them being well behaved, non- aggressive and “clean”. This said those not so enamoured of dogs and who be allergic to them may be comforted by the fact that during weddings the Labradors are separated.