Wedding Venues and its Accommodation

slider4Moorpark House, Scotland is one of the finest Wedding Venues in the region, feel free to drop in and check out the marriage halls that we have. Our Wedding Venue and Marriage Halls have a grand and royal feel to them that help make your big day feel that little bit more luxurious. The gardens give your guests a place to roam and take in the crisp Scottish air.

Our function rooms and ceremony halls are spacious and comfortable which is sure to make your ceremony more than memorable as you walk down the aisle.

The guest houses operating in the area offer Bed and Breakfast with their Accommodation and include such items as spacious living rooms with soft couches and sofas, luxurious dining rooms with a capacity to cater for more than 100 people.

At Moorpark House our quality food is cooked by our award winning chefs who cook the region’s most traditional food. These chefs can bring about a taste which will fit the appetite of you and your guests, moreover the cutlery and the utensils which are used are to the highest quality, we have often had compliments on our handmade silverware from guests that are holding their wedding venue in Glasgow, Scotland at Moorpark House.

If you are looking for a historical building and have an affinity for a pictorial setting in the country, we would urge you to pay a visit to Moorpark House in Glasgow, Scotland. This Wedding Venue has an overall royal feel and excels itself in more ways than one. For further details, you can visit this wedding venues website by clicking the following link:

Moorpark House: An Exclusive Wedding Venue in Glasgow


If you have a craving for the historical buildings and a love of the pictorial country of Scotland, it is advised by marriage experts to give Moorpark House a visit, explore its grounds and take a tour around its luxury rooms and halls. Moorpark House is regarded as one of the most luxurious and prestigious wedding venues in Glasgow, Scotland.

The numerous wedding venues around Scotland tell the untold tales of times gone by in the yesteryears, the castles in Scotland’s many counties are owned by several wedding venue coordinators who aim to provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. Moorpark House in Glasgow is one of these historical castles, with its acres of land and its stunning photographic backdrop combined with its charming halls and rooms, this wedding venue is sure to be the perfect location for your big day.

One such exclusive wedding venues in Glasgow is Moorpark House, situated in one of the most peaceful location of Scotland. The venue has been rated as LGBT friendly venue by the Scottish entertainment awards and has a wide range of offers including:

  • Prestige Packages
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Valentine
  • Ceremony Hire
  • Marrying Abroad

In the prestige package, an individual can expect everything that he or she needs in order to make that big day, that little bit extra special and the exclusive use of Moorpark house and its grounds.

The facilities of Moorpark House can be used from midday until the celebrations finish late in the night.

The various post ceremony reception drinks which are served help keep your guests refreshed and hydrated. The drink that is normally served is Prosecco. However, lager, beer or soft drinks can be served should you request it. A four course meal is prepared by our award winning team of professional chefs, making your guests taste some of the finest delicacies.

We serve a glass of red wine along with white and rose wine after you are done with the main course. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact the finest wedding venue in Glasgow, Scotland, Moorpark House on 01505 683 503.

An Ideal Venue for an Ideal Wedding

Wedding Venue - Moorpark HouseIf you are planning to get married in Glasgow, Scotland you are in the right place.

The Scottish countryside is often described as one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the UK. Moorpark house is situated in Kilbirnie, a small town in the Garnock Valley area of North Ayrshire.

The calm and peaceful surroundings of Moorpark House boasts the romantic setting needed for your special day. The ambiance in and around this castle makes Moorpark House the perfect place to hold your Wedding Ceremony in Glasgow.

The possessions and furniture in Moorpark House helps the Wedding Venue come alive and gives the halls, rooms and corridoors character! Antique items are displayed through the building. The bedrooms have soft couches and sofas, king size beds and stunning views of the gardens. Combine this with the awe-inspiring cuisines, stunning scenery and you have yourself the perfect wedding venue in Scotland.

The guest houses in the local area are well connected with roads and railways which makes them easily accessible to all of your wedding guests. You can hire cabs from the airport or the railway stations which will take you directly to the venues.

Touches of Royalty


In order to make that special day of your life that little bit more special, it is advisable to choose one of the best wedding venues in Glasgow, Scotland. Moorpark House, we have the luxury wedding accommodation and also a stunning bridal suite for the newly weds. It has often been said that “marriages are made in heaven”, thereby choosing to have Moorpark House as your wedding venue will allow you plunge into heavenly bliss and make you, your family and friends enjoy one of the most relaxing locations/wedding venues.

The wedding venues in Scotland have a tradition of hosting several nuptial ceremonies for both the niche as well as the middle class guests. The traditional hall does have the magnitude and grandeur which is known to have captured numerous couples who are about to tie the knot.

The royal touches in these halls depicts the cultural and traditional past of Scotland making the marriage a day to remember. The imposing architecture is symbolic of the opulent heritage of the country.

Apart from the structure of this mansion, you will be stunned by the wedding reception and the food that you will be greeted with on the day of marriage. Be it the vegetarian cuisines or the non-vegetarian food items, one cannot deny the scrumptious taste of these foods which will be provided for all guests at the wedding venue in Glasgow, Scotland.

The cutlery and catering equipment is something which is sure to make you feel the Midas touch which one pines for. The cutlery has a shined and polished chromatic look to add to the grand and luxurious feel of your wedding day.

It is indeed a prowess to talk about the accommodation which is sure to bring repose for you. The couches and sofas along with the upholstery which are laid in these houses are of superlative quality. The exclusive wedding venues in Glasgow, Scotland are competitively priced and all guests are catered for. Moorpark house is one of few wedding venues that cater for LGBT weddings.

People around the world do enjoy visiting Scotland and many come to Glasgow in order to get married, for its serene and tranquil ambiance. It has been observed that the foreign couples do drop in during the winter in order to plunge in the romantic paradise and commence the neo journey of life.

The banquet houses along with the gardens are something which can light up the propitious occasion during the night. The luminescence in the garden is sure to make your marriage a day to remember.