Terms of Service

Moorpark House

The Moorpark House apologises for having to introduce an element of red tape into what undoubtedly will prove to be a relaxed and informal occasion but it is in your interest as well as ours to set out our terms and conditions now so that any misunderstandings at a later stage can be avoided. We would therefore like you to read through and consider what follows very carefully. If you are happy with all that is stated then I would invite you to both sign and date the duplicate copy and return it here the top copy of the letter being for you to retain. Receipt of the initial deposit in the sum of £1,000 is hereby acknowledged.
o The hotel has NO facility for the erection of a marquee in the grounds
o All bookings will be conditional on a formal contract being signed and a deposit of £1,000 being paid. A deposit paid by cheque which was dishonoured on first presentation would automatically nullify the booking.
o The initial deposit is non – refundable
o Exclusivity confers on the bride and groom and their guests use of the entire building to the exclusion of all third parties