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The processional is the very beginning of the wedding service and it includes the presentation of the marriage party and then the bride. During the processional, generally set to music, the marriage gathering walks down the aisle and is followed by the spouse. The general protocol for the processional permits first for the seating of the guests, then bridesmaids walk down the aisle joined by the groomsmen. Once all of the guests are in the room, the bride and either her father or brother will walk side by side down the aisle to the front to meet with her soon to be husband or wife.

Statement of Intention

As the name infers, the announcement of expectation basically tells all who go to the wedding that the bride and groom desire to be married out of their own free will. The minister or wedding official additionally may set aside this opportunity to talk about the dedication and obligation that is expected after going into the obligation of the marriage.

Trade of Wedding Vows

The wedding vows are the emotionally binding part of the wedding service. This is the part in which you will make guarantees to your life partner about the life you’ll have together. You can choose either to utilize normal wedding vows that you can discover online or get from your officiant or you can make individual wedding pledges utilizing a wedding vow book or simply making your own.

Exchange of Wedding Rings

After the wedding vows have been exchanged, the ring bearer will approach the alter and present the rings. Each one in turn, the bride and groom each take a ring and places it on the other’s finger. As the wedding band is slipped onto the ring finger, words are said to concrete the union.

Pronouncement of Marriage

After the rings, the pastor or wedding official formally proclaims that the bride and groom are legally married. Normally a couple of words are included about holiness of marriage and to survey again that you have agreed to spend your life together through sickness and in health and have fixed your dedication with wedding pledges and the trading of wedding bands. This is additionally where the pastor or officiant ordinarily says “You may now kiss the bride.”