Weddings & Receptions

The owner of Moorpark House has, for most of his life, been a Londoner and knows the very high cost of weddings there and in the Home Counties and this probably applies to many locations in Europe and Worldwide. Why not save thousands of pounds by having your wedding in Scotland at Moorpark House and in the process have a day that is extra special and extra specially memorable?

First and foremost you will be thinking travel – how difficult?, how much will it cost?? Moorpark House is approximately midway between Glasgow International and Glasgow Prestwick Airports both served by the economy carriers Ryanair and Easyjet as well as by a number of other international airlines.

Moorpark House has 12 ensuite double rooms but has an arrangement with the 123 room 4 star Menzies Hotel in Irvine – 15 minutes from Prestwick and 30 minutes from Glasgow International – where rooms are only £68 per night (2014 price). Guests arriving in small numbers would be obliged to hire taxis to make the journey from the airport to the hotel but by arriving in numbers on the same flight Moorpark would be able to negotiate a discounted rate for a coach facility.

Having come to terms with the travel arrangements you will be thinking of how it can all be organised. This is where Jackie, our wedding coordinator, comes in and stars. One has only to read the many reviews on Tripadvisor to recognise Jackie’s unique qualities. In short she will organise everything and all the minutiae for you to make it all go smoothly.

Add to that the “Extras” – for which please refer to the PACKAGES section – all negotiated at incredibly low prices and you have before you a very viable and attractive “destination” wedding.

Kilbirnie has one of the oldest working churches in Scotland – the Auld Kirk – which has its own website. Why not, as a bride, contemplate a wedding where you prepare at Moorpark, go to the Auld Kirk in an open horse drawn carriage – for which please look at the website of the Kilbirnie based Prestige Carriages whose website has a video of a wedding at Moorpark – marry in the Kirk, return with your new husband in the same carriage followed by the reception and evening party at Moorpark??

For those coming from afar what has proved to be hugely enjoyable and relaxing before the “big day” is the taking of all rooms at Moorpark House on the eve of the wedding at a discounted rate with a simple evening meal and a chance to unwind.

For more details on this it is best to speak to Jackie.

Most couples opt for a Summer wedding thinking the weather will be favourable and frequently end up being disappointed whereas those who plan a Winter wedding frequently end up being pleasantly surprised. Think also of the much cheaper rates, the real log fires and candlelit dining room with candles which look so much warmer on dark nights compared to light summer evenings. Just a thought!